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"The kit...was so much more than I expected. You offer elegant engineering solutions, a simple and beautiful sukkah and a process that is easy to understand and complete. With thanks from a very satisfied customer who is now passing your URL around her shul."

"Thanks once again for such a beautiful service to our community and such a wonderful product.  I've built several of your wood and steel frame Sukkot in the past, and know how easy they are to assemble.   With the right team in place, we set up a 24x36 sukkah with roof in under two hours.  I especially love the new bamboo roofing poles!"

Rabbi D.T.

"Steve and Judith,  On behalf of everyone at Temple Israel in Westport, we want to thank you for helping to make our event, 60Sukkot, a wonderful success. We had a beautiful day and a huge turnout. Everyone was pleased with your products."

"This morning we took the 16x24 WoodFrame Sukkah down... Everyone was amazed at how easy your kit and plans made things go. But more importantly, our congregants (and Rabbi) love it. It is roomy, and the wood and bamboo mat roof gave it a warm feeling that our old PVC pipe Sukkah sorely lacked".



The Six-Wall Tubular Sukkah
(Sukkat Meshushe)

This original Sukkah Project design provides a deeply spiritual Space containing ample room for dining, relaxing, schmoozing...even sleeping. The Sukkat Meshusha [Meshusha is Hebrew for "hexagon"] is every bit as easy to build and store as our 4-walled models, and also features a conveniently secured door flap for privacy.

Six-Wall Kits are available with either 6ft- or 8ft- WIDE wall segments (height of the sukkah is 8ft). The 6ft version can be set up in a 10'x12' space, while the 8ft version requires 13.5'x16'. Neither has an interior post. 

Seating capacity of the Six-Sided Sukkah will vary according to the size and shape of tables used. The 6ft wall model has 94 sq ft, comparable to an 8x12 sukkah, which can seat 10. The 8ft model has 166 sq ft, about the same as a 12x14 sukkah, which can seat 16.
The shape of the Six-Wall sukkah makes for no wasted corner space, and feels roomier than a comparably sized rectangular or square sukkah.

An additional advantage of the Six-Wall design is its resistance to damage from severe wind, due to the stronger frame and lowered wind resistance of the hexagonal design compared to a rectangular structure.  Kits include everything needed to assemble the sukkah (frame, SukkahScreen wall material & bungee connectors, a set of bamboo pole roof slats & connectors, and an illustrated Klutz-Proof Assembly Manual).

The roof can be covered with cut greenery or with a Bamboo Roof Mat (not included). Mats can cover most of the hexagonal roof and can be augmented with greenery around the edges for a very attractive look. Use a 6x10 or 8x8 Mat with the 6ft-wall model, and an 8x8, 8x10 or 8x12 mat with the 8ft version.

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Six-Wall Sukkah
Price: From $495.00 to $575.00
Six-Wall Sukkah
Two sizes available.
Sukkah Storage Bags
Price: From $5.00 to $23.00
Sukkah Storage Bags
sukkah storage bags
STAKES (set of 4)
Price: $12.00
STAKES (set of 4)
Set of FOUR forged steel stakes.
SANDBAGS (set of 4)
Price: $12.00
SANDBAGS (set of 4)
Set of FOUR sand bags with attachment ties
Price: $50.- 140. (plus shipping)
Several outstanding Judaica artists have designed banners for us, which we print on weather-proof nylon fabric suitable for outdoor exposure. Go to the SUKKAH BANNERS & DECORATIONS page to view the Banners available this year.
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