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"The kit...was so much more than I expected. You offer elegant engineering solutions, a simple and beautiful sukkah and a process that is easy to understand and complete. With thanks from a very satisfied customer who is now passing your URL around her shul."

"Thanks once again for such a beautiful service to our community and such a wonderful product.  I've built several of your wood and steel frame Sukkot in the past, and know how easy they are to assemble.   With the right team in place, we set up a 24x36 sukkah with roof in under two hours.  I especially love the new bamboo roofing poles!"

Rabbi D.T.

"Steve and Judith,  On behalf of everyone at Temple Israel in Westport, we want to thank you for helping to make our event, 60Sukkot, a wonderful success. We had a beautiful day and a huge turnout. Everyone was pleased with your products."

"This morning we took the 16x24 WoodFrame Sukkah down... Everyone was amazed at how easy your kit and plans made things go. But more importantly, our congregants (and Rabbi) love it. It is roomy, and the wood and bamboo mat roof gave it a warm feeling that our old PVC pipe Sukkah sorely lacked".


SANDBAGS (set of 4)

Price: $12.00
in stock
Item Number: Acc-SB
Set of FOUR sturdy, reusable sand bags with cable ties & elastic bungees for attaching the bag to posts. Each bag will hold 30lbs of sand (sand not included). Can be used with WoodFrame and Tubular Kits.

Wind Protection for the sukkah

If the sukkah is located where exposure to strong winds is a possibility, we advise anchoring the frame to the ground.

If erected on grass or bare ground, stakes can be driven at each corner and tied to the frame, or sandbags filled with sand or gravel (not included) can be attached to the bottom of each cornerpost. Sandbags can be used on any surface, and are the best alternative on pavement, stone or decks.

For family-sized sukkahs  one stake or sandbag at each cornerpost will suffice.  Larger sukkahs should have one at the base of each wall post as well.

Sold in sets of 4.

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